Coaxial multi-turn gearbox GP

Multi-turn gearboxes GP in combination with SA multi-turn actuators act as multi-turn actuators with higher output torques. They are typically used with stem gates and wedge gate valves. Due to their compact design, these gearboxes can also be used in confined spaces.


Design features

  • Multi-turn gearbox suitable for rotating, non-rising stems
  • Planetary gearing for torques up to 2,500 Nm
  • Coaxial input shaft and output drive shaft
  • Lifetime according to EN 15714-2
  • Suitable for manual and electrical operation

Ambient conditions

  • Suitable for ambient temperatures –40°C to +80°C
  • Top quality corrosion protection
  • Coated input shaft
  • IP68


  • Stainless steel input shaft
  • Square for input shaft (adapter)
  • Chainwheel