About Us

Elemec For Trade & Industry. It has become one of the leader companies in the market to provide industrial parts and technical solutions with high quality and best prices. We started to expand it by importing new brands, enlarging the range of products and introducing a new department managed by professionals and experts engineers. Our branch was founded in Ghana .
Elemec vision is to keep the industry on a high level of improvement and development to satisfy its local and frontiers customers by dealing with the most important suppliers in Europe, Far East, USA and other countries to meet the customer demands and offer them a wide range of high quality products.
The company mission is to earn the trust of customers by delivering full support, side visits, acquiring wide range of industrial products in automation and power transmission, electrical motors, gearboxes, pneumatics and hydraulic components, handling and plant equipment in addition to weighing products and lifting tools.
The commitment to quality, precision and innovation has made Elemec one of the best choices for top wholesalers and retailers on the market.
The continuous growth of the company is in direct relation with the improvement of customers in the industrial field.