The TIGRON is a multi-turn actuator with classic mission:

Automation of gate valves with or without rising stem as well as double block and bleed valves.


Virtually unlimited stroke

Rising stems are lead through the multi-turn actuator hollow shaft driving the stem thread. The stem protection tube protects the stem from pollution and people from injuries.


Open-close and modulating duty

TIGRON actuators versions are available for both types of duty.


Combinations with multi-turn gearboxes

In combination with GK or GST gearboxes, torques up to 16,000 Nm can be reached.


Modular AUMA scheme

Six gearbox type ranges are part of AUMA’s product portfolio. They are ideally suited to complete and enhance TIGRON’s application range even to other valve designs. This includes numerous butterfly valves or the conventional ball valves of the oil- and gas industry requiring a part-turn movement of mostly 90 degrees. In these cases, TIGRON is combined with AUMA part-turn gearboxes.

AUMA linear thrust units convert TIGRON’s multi-turn into a thrust movement which is required for globe valve automation.




Design features

  • Open-close duty and modulating duty
  • Combi-Switch for optimised operation
  • Torque range from 10 Nm to 1,000 Nm
  • Output speeds from 4 to 216 rpm
  • Limit sensing up to 5,000 turns per stroke
  • Torque sensing from 0 – 100 % of the maximum torque
  • Handwheel for manual operation
  • Wide range power supply unit

Ambient conditions

  • Certified for a wide temperature range between –65 °C and +75 °C
  • High enclosure protection IP68
  • Premium corrosion protection C5/CX
  • For use in extreme environments
  • Robust metal housing
  • Highest explosion-proof protection type Ex IIC T4


  • IIoT ready, easy integration into DCS
  • Position transmitter
  • Profibus, Modbus
  • Plug-in electrical connection


  • Low standby consumption
  • Actuator and valve diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Simple installation & commissioning at device
  • Commissioning assistant
  • Intuitive operation
  • 6 indication lights, thereof 2 freely programmable, colours can be changed


  • Europe – ATEX II2G Ex db eb h IIC T4 or T3 Gb II2G Ex db h IIC T4 or T3 Gb II2D Ex tb h IIIC T130 °C or T190 °C Db
  • IEC II2G Ex db eb h IIC T4 or T3 Gb II2G Ex db h IIC T4 or T3 Gb II2D Ex tb h IIIC T130 °C or T190 °C Db