FQM and FQMEx fail safe unit

With their new FQM fail safe unit, AUMA offer innovative and safe actuator solutions for automatic operation of valves in case of emergencies making use of stored mechanical energy.


Constant torque curve with torques from 150 Nm to 1,200°Nm


The spring is not operated during standard operation. Thanks to the overriding gear arrangement, the constant force spring is disengaged during normal operation and does not need to be operated.


The end position switches are automatically set during the setting procedure of end positions OPEN and CLOSED and do not require separate adjustment.


Design features FQM

  • Torque rang from 150 Nm to 1,200 Nm
  • Swing angles from 80° to 100°
  • Operating time 8 s to 54 s

Ambient conditions

  • High enclosure protection
  • High quality corrosion protection
  • Wide ambient temperature ranges


  • Explosion protection
  • SIL
  • Fire protection


  • Electrical connection via AUMA plug/socket connector (optionally terminals)
  • Cable entries in different versions
  • Output drive types according to ISO


  • Europe – ATEX/International level – ICE Ex db eb IIB T4 Gb Ex db IIB T4 Gb

SIL Approvals

  • IEC 61508 Safe OPENING/CLOSING (ESD) up to SIL 2 (HFT=0) or SIL 3 (HFT=1) Safe end position feedback up to SIL 2
  • ISO 13849 Safe end position feedback up to PL c